Frequently Asked Questions


What you need to know about ACS to consider applying.

What is the total enrollment size?

We are enrolling 300 9th and 10th graders in 2024. The classroom addition scheduled for 2025 will allow us to accommodate 800 total students. The final phase will add capacity for a total of 1000 students.

How much will tuition be?

Tuition has not been set but will be competitive among area Christian schools and lower than most private schools.

Will financial aid be offered?

Yes. Accepted students can apply for financial aid through an independent system to determine ability to pay.

When will enrollment open?

The Interest List can be joined now and will ensure that updates are not missed. The application process will open October 1st and conclude February 1st. Enrollment decisions will be made by March 15th.

Will enrollment be based on a covenant or evangelical model?

ACS will engage the community through an evangelical enrollment model. While applicants do not have to align with Christian doctrine, they will be expected to align with Christian values and consent to it’s teachings.

When will you be offering tours?

We are unable to offer tours while renovations are underway. We will post video updates of our progress and offer in-person tours as soon as renovations are complete.

Will there be bus transportation?

ACS will not offer bus transportation.

Will you offer sports?

Yes. In our first year we will offer football, girls volleyball, boys and girls cross country, girls golf & tennis (Fall); boys and girls basketball, wrestling (Winter); softball, boys and girls lacrosse, boys golf & tennis (Spring). More sports programs will be added in 2025.

Will you be accredited?

ACS is pleased to be a member of the Association of Christian Schools International and is pursuing accreditation through their program.

Will uniforms be required?

We will have a dress code but there will be no required uniforms.

Will students be required to use school-issued laptops?

Students will be allowed to use their personal devices and the school will provide loaner devices for students who need them.

Will ACS accept students with accommodations?

ACS will have a limited ability to educate students with learning differences. Students with 504 plans and IEPs will be considered on a case by case basis.

Will ACS offer Honors and AP classes?

9th graders will not be permitted to take AP classes. In our first year we will offer 4 AP classes to our sophomores to increase to 8 in our second year and 12 in the third. Honors and standard classes will be blended with Honors students meeting additional requirements to earn the Honors GPA weighting.