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Building a Better High School Experience

Your teen is passionate about more than one thing. Their school should be, too. That’s why we’re building Ambassador Christian School. 

Starting this fall, students with all kinds of interests and talents can be challenged academically; experience top-tier sports and extracurricular offerings; and find the emotional and spiritual support they need to have hope, experience joy, and explore their faith. 

Our plan is to work with families to identify their student’s gifts and purpose and then support those talents with excellence:

College Prep offerings for College-bound students including rigorous curriculum with robust AP Classes.

Opportunities to have a class in the industrial kitchen for culinary arts or in a teaching garage for a kit car build.

Athletes will be trained by championship-winning coaches and have access to professional-level training facilities.

Artists will have offerings in Visual Art Labs and an impressive 2,000 seat performing arts auditorium.

We’re also an open-enrollment school, which means families need to be open to the teachings of Christ, but they are not required to sign a statement of faith to attend. Your teen will take a Bible course each year and benefit from a culture of kindness, respect, and honor.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to do things?


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A Glimpse of Our Future

See the plans for the Workmanship Center and the Sports Complex.

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A Closer Look at the Curriculum

Find everything from AP classes to electives — plus our grading scale. 

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Affording Ambassador

Discover how tuition assistance and school choice vouchers could help.

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Dr. Zach Gautier

Head of School

“At Ambassador Christian School, we ask two fundamental questions: does it honor Christ and is it in the best interest of students? These serve as guides as we pursue excellence in Christian education. Our vision is to “launch ambassadors for Christ into all spheres of influence.” We invite you to learn more and determine if ACS could be the right fit for your family.”

Meet our Staff

At Ambassador, we believe we are all made in God’s image and we’re all given gifts. My gifts may be different from your gifts. So, when students come to Ambassador, we have a whole program where we will have testing and evaluation for their God-given aptitudes. We want to help them discover that. That’s why we will have the Workmanship Center, and the arts, and the athletics, and all of that so that we can help them walk into what their giftedness and calling is.

– Nicole Bryan, a founder and board chair at Ambassador Christian School

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