A Personalized Admissions Process

How Can We Help Answer Your Questions About High School?

A completely new high school comes with a completely new set of questions from parents. 

  • Who will be teaching? 
  • What are your AP offerings? 
  • Will you have strong sports teams right away? 
  • Is this the right school for my teen?

We’re building an incredible campus and a culture of excellence at Ambassador Christian School, a private high school in Huntersville, NC. Right now, our campus is under construction, contact us and we can offer a personal hard-hat tour so you can see for yourself what we are so excited about and we’d like to welcome you into our administrative suite to answer your questions. 


Here’s how your teen benefits:

lion shield
start our 5-step admissions process
become a trailblazer
explore plans for our top-tier facilities
meet our admissions team

We’ll make time for you and your teen.

We get that we’re asking you to trust us and our vision. That’s why we’re more than happy to talk it all through with you. We’ll pair you with an experienced educator — and, if necessary, our head of school — to get you the answers you need.


A Simple, 5-Step Admissions Process

Now enrolling

Reach out with questions.

You’ve read through our website, but you likely still have questions. Let’s talk it through, so you are confident that ACS is the right high school for your family.

Submit an application.

Parents are asked to provide an unofficial academic record in conjunction with your student’s application. Full academic records, including teacher recommendations and health records, will be requested from your previous school during the enrollment process. Start here.

Work through the admissions assessment.

Students will need to submit assessment results prior to the family interview. We accept Independent School Entrance Exam , PSAT, PreACT, and other nationally normed standardized tests including EOGs.

Schedule a family interview.

We will welcome you and your teen to our administrative suite — and eventually to the rest of our campus — to get to know one another. We’ll go over your teen’s academic assessment, explain our focus on developing each student’s unique gifts and talents, and see if we’re all in alignment.

Admissions Decision and Enrollment Process 

We’ll reach out to families with an admissions decision and offer an invitation to enroll for all right-fit families. Once enrolled, our team will begin working with new families to begin onboarding and preparing for the school year!

By enrolling early, you can secure a spot for your teen — and lock in a low tuition rate for years to come.

Become a Trailblazer

Students who enroll by August 1 receive a locked tuition rate for all their years of attendance at Ambassador Christian School.

Plans for our Top-Tier Facilities

Right now, we’re enrolling students in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. We’ll expand to serve 12th graders next year, and eventually, your teen will have more than 1,000 peers on our 28-acre campus. At ACS, your high schooler will have access to beautiful classrooms, a student lounge, cafe, and:

  • Art labs
  • Industrial kitchen for culinary arts
  • Teaching garage
  • Full sized gymnasium with maple hardwood flooring
  • 2,000-seat performance hall
  • Lacrosse, soccer, and football practice fields with turf

Meet our Admissions Team

Amy Poag

Director of Student Services

Amy Poag is an accomplished education professional with over 25 years of experience in the field. She has spent the last decade as the director of college advising and student life at Christian Heritage School. Her driving force is her commitment to calling preparation. She firmly believes that each student possesses a unique “Divine Design” and that discovering and pursuing this design is the key to a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Alison Winters

Director of Student Life

Alison Winters is originally from Raleigh, NC, and she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with an education degree. For the past four years, she served as an area director with Young Life in Cabarrus County. Her role at Ambassador will be to build student culture, inject fun and spontaneity into the school day, and create opportunities for students to develop deep relationships and lasting memories.

Ana Castellanos


Ana Castellanos is from Argentina and has been living in the United States since 2002. She worked for 17 years in corporate administrative roles where she developed a love for databases and spreadsheets. She took a 13-year hiatus to be a stay-at-home mom, during which time she taught Spanish and was a substitute teacher at her daughter’s school. She returned as a registrar for a local K-12 school and will now serve in the same role at ACS.

new ACS Lion

“It is such a pleasure working with our students and families through the Admissions process. Hearing their stories and sharing the Ambassador “why” is just the first step to guiding them toward a future that aligns with their unique Kingdom purpose.”

– Amy Poag, Director of Student Services


How many students are you expecting in the 2024-2025 year?

We expect enrollment to be around 150-180 in our first year.

How long will it take for the school to become accredited?

We have been working on our Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Foundational Accreditation materials and documentation since the fall. We expect Foundational Accreditation once we receive our Certificate of Occupancy this summer.

What kind of tuition assistance do you offer?

We want ACS to be affordable to as many families as possible. We’re also happy to work with North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship

When a family has completed the enrollment process they can choose to apply for tuition assistance. An independent 3rd party will review and using their recommendation, ACS will craft a tuition assistance package within a few weeks. If ACS and the family can not come to a financial agreement, the enrollment deposit will be fully refunded.

When will we learn more about the teachers and the curriculum?

We believe the people at the front of the classroom have a tremendous influence on your teen, so we are most focused on hiring the right teachers. Our teachers will be announced in early June. Then, they will meet this summer to collaborate on a curriculum that ensures excellence into what will become the Ambassador curriculum.