Tuition at Ambassador Christian School

The Value of Being First

You invest in your teen in more ways than you can even count: shuttling them to piano lessons, cheering at their baseball games, buying yet another gallon of milk, and staying up late to pray about their future.

Like most parents, you know that all of that time and effort is worth it. And so is an investment in a private Christian high school.

Ambassador Christian School is a brand-new high school in Huntersville, NC, where students in 9th through 11th grade will have the chance to be the first to walk the hallways and set the standard for all who will follow. We’ve already hired talented teachers and award-winning coaches, built state-of-the-art facilities, and developed a program to help students discover their own gifts and purpose.

We would love for you to join us, which is why we are committed to making our high-quality education accessible to as many families as possible — especially this first year.


Lead the Lions in 2024

Your teen can join the first class and leave a lasting mark.
Calling-focused. Christ-centered. College-equipped.

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Affording Private School Tuition at ACS

  • We don’t think we can afford tuition because we don’t earn enough.
  • We may not qualify for financial aid because our earnings are more than average.

But, every NC student is eligible to apply to receive a lottery-style voucher from the state. The amount of the voucher is determined by the state and awarded based on income level. Apply early, though, before the fund is depleted for the year.

Plus, just for this year, students who enroll by Aug. 1 will receive a locked tuition rate for all their years of attendance at Ambassador Christian School.

Our financial aid application is easy to complete, and we’ll be able to tell you exactly what your family’s tuition costs will be. Many parents are (happily!) surprised to find out that our exceptional education really can fit into their family’s budget.


How Much Does It Cost?

As you consider Ambassador Christian School, we welcome your questions about tuition, financial aid, payment plans, or anything else that comes to mind. The tuition assistance team is here to help you and your family. Just give us a call.

Tuition 2024-2025

Grades 9 to 11

Annual: $22,750
Semi-Annual: $11,375
10 Monthly Payments: $2,275*

*Additional processing fees will apply

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ACS determine if a family is eligible for reduced tuition?

We partner with FACTS, a third-party financial processor of Indexed Tuition applications for independent schools across the country. FACTS uses an “Estimated Family Contribution” calculation that takes into account many of the factors that make up a family’s overall financial picture. We then evaluate each application in a fair, consistent, and confidential manner.

Could applying for financial aid diminish the chances of my child being accepted?

No. Admission applications and financial aid applications are reviewed separately. Plus, we expect more than 40% of our students will receive financial aid.

What is included in tuition?

Tuition includes arts and athletics participation fees, annual aptitude testing, and a yearbook. Families will need to pay separately for books, lunches, school supplies, trips and travel expenses, college placement exams, and spirit wear.


You can be one of the first to see our newly renovated facilities and hear how we will help students live out their purpose.