Q&A with One of the First Student-Athletes at Ambassador Christian

Meet Mary Stanton Bryant

Athlete. Leader. Scholar. Woman of God.

For two years, Mary Stanton Bryant studied — and competed as an equestrian — at a boarding school in Connecticut. But recently, she felt a tug to come home to North Carolina, where she could begin to ride for fun again and be surrounded by her family and people of faith.

A family friend told her about Ambassador Christian School, a brand-new private high school in Huntersville, NC. Mary Stanton wasn’t sure she wanted to transition at this point in her high school career, but she decided to explore the website and then logged in to her mom’s Facebook account to learn even more about the school.

“I was excited that I could be a junior and not worry about being a new junior,” said 16-year-old Mary Stanton. “I filled out the application so fast!”

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A Moment With Mary Stanton

When did you first start playing sports?

I started riding when I was 3. I love it, and I’ve never stopped. Growing up — my whole life — my mom put me in every single sport she could imagine so that I would be well-rounded. I’m not amazing at all sports, but I can play many of them well. I will play tennis, soccer, and basketball at Ambassador.

My mom just knows that sports offer so many opportunities to learn teamwork and communication and to meet friends you might not otherwise know. 

Plus, I’m pretty sure I was a very, very excited, crazy kid. I think sports helped me focus and get things done.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your athletic career so far?

When I came to my current school, I had a difficult horse. It wasn’t even my riding ability. It was my mindset.

At first, Mazzie completely demolished my confidence. Then, one day I heard a song. I can’t remember the title, but I thought, “You can do this. Don’t be scared.” I took a red Sharpie and wrote it on my hand.

Ever since then, I’ve thought, “You can buck me or throw me, but I’m going to get back on.”

It’s amazing to see how much one horse can change you.

What made you want to transfer to Ambassador Christian?

When I left for boarding school, my parents made me promise that I’d still go to church every Sunday. I swore I would, but I didn’t find a church. Then, last year a youth minister invited me to a church. The next day I Ubered out there. I loved it. I had partially forgotten the importance of it.

So many people at my current school tell me God’s not real. It’s hard to surround myself with people who don’t believe. 

I pray every night, but out of the 800 students here, probably 13 of us go to church every Sunday.

Besides athletics, what are you looking forward to at ACS?

I’m looking forward to student life. I’ve always been someone who wants to be in the middle of all the excitement. I want Friday night football and spirit week. I’ve never gotten to ask someone to go to a dance with me. I want to be able to say that I’ve had those experiences.

What would you tell other students who are thinking about coming to ACS?

Why not go to Ambassador? Especially as a junior, you’re going to have opportunities that no one else is. You get to be leaders. There is no senior class. You’re getting to build that culture.

Let’s say we don’t have the best field hockey team or whatever, you still get to create the team environment. That’s so fun.

I’m really big about leadership. At my current school, I’m on Student Council and other committees. It scared me to think about not having leadership opportunities, but Ambassador needs so many leaders next year.

The Final Word

“Ambassador offers everything I want: sports, my family, student life, and the Lord.”

– Mary Stanton Bryant, ACS Class of 2026

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